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I get saddened when I hear reports of women (and some men) that have some eating disorders. I don’t understand what prompts men and women around the world to refuse to eat voluntarily. Food is good, and yes you can lose weight by investing in the right products, and using proper weight loss techniques. It is possible to overcome the demons that have plagued you for years.

Anorexia can literally destroy your body, and it is about as apparent as the sunrise after a dark night, as spotting an anorexic. It is so sad that people feel this sort of coercion from skinny friends, and from society in general. I have a friend who is incredibly skinny, and she told me about how she was so sad that people always accused her of being anorexic, and that it destroyed her to think that some (including friends and family) would accuse her of these things.

She bawled and bawled, and said that she wishes she wasn’t so skinny. It is sad that we are always looking for solutions when in all reality the solution can be as small as a click away. I love the fact that so many of the people now are looking to find effective solutions to their “problems”. Please don’t go anorexic though! There are so many great solutions out there, eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Caffeine For Fat Burning

I have noticed that most diet pills have some form of stimulant in them. I have noticed the primary stimulant of choice is Caffeine, and that can be a concern for some people but I love it. I really enjoy feeling a little buzzed, and I am sure some of you do too. I have noticed that the Caffeine in the pills leads me to have much more energy throughout the day, and makes my diet feel more effective.

Maybe this is mental, but I really believe it helps out in some way, shape or form. I am so happy that it seems to keep me energized much longer than most other supplements, especially energy drinks. I can’t believe how many energy drinks out there give you the shot in the arm of such powerful supplements, but as most of you know that have had an energy drink, you will be super pumped for about an hour, and then be tired and have to go to the bathroom for the next three. Not to mention that when you are trying to lose weight, you probably want to eliminate a lot of sugar intake in your life. By drinking energy drinks, you don’t eliminate sugar, instead you probably increase the intake by 1000%. For energy, turn to diet pills!

Do Diet Pills Work?

Supplements will do a great job in helping you get to where you want to go in terms of weight loss and keeping it off, but I am convinced that pills alone will not suffice. I think that they are essential to staying healthy and vibrant, but in order to have the greatest amount of success in terms of lifelong goals, it is essential to develop a great diet. Through a great diet, pills can act as the catalyst that propels your weight loss into the numbers that you would like to see.

I am amazed at the power of a proper diet. Too often, I am tempted to go to Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and others, when in all reality I should be seeking after places that will benefit me. What happened to eating soup, or eating fruit? Has it become such an inconvenience in our fast-paced society to eat healthy? I know for myself, especially in a family that has a history of heart disease, I need to eat healthy in order to have the greatest chance at living a long and productive life. I would encourage all of you to take a look at your diet and see where it could change. Do that, and your supplements will help you lose weight and keep it off.

The Best Exercise

I am about to go for my daily cardio, and I am stoked. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to go and workout as frequently as I do. The sad thing is that many of us waste so much time during the day that we could have time for working out. In addition to the supplements that one takes, a nice swim would do one well. Not only does swimming work out your arms, but it is a full body workout, and it focuses on so many muscle groups that it helps us lose weight effectively. Since I started swimming a lot and watching my diet, I have lost over 30 pounds in the past few months.

Anyone can do it too. It doesn’t take having a pool in your backyard, or owning an expensive gym membership. Go to your local YMCA, or recreation center, or for university students – go to your athletic facilities. I am more convinced of the benefits of swimming every day. I have gone from being in the overweight category in the Body Mass Index to in the middle of the normal category. It is great to realize that with a simple dedication of eating health, taking the proper supplements and working out, anyone and everyone can lose the unwanted weight that some of us (including myself) had been carrying for years!

Biggest Loser

I was watching TV last night, actually it was the season premiere of the Office, and I happened to notice a commercial for NBC’s TV show Biggest Loser. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to. For those who haven’t seen it yet, let me give you a summary: about 20 obese individuals (usually around 300 pounds) come to lose weight at a resort. Over the next few weeks what happens is amazing, as most of the people on the show end up shedding at least 50 pounds, and some actually completely change their body types, and their lives for that matter.

Now, some might argue and say that those that are on the show have the benefit of personal trainers, personalized diets, and other motivations (a large cash prize). I would argue that anyone who is looking to lose weight can! It doesn’t take getting on the show in order to have success. One thing that they do on the show is provide an adequate workout program for everyone involved, and also healthy eating – something that all can improve on. I am amazed at how effective this program is, and when we replicate it in our lives it can be amazing. Supplements sure help maintain adequate health as well. Anyone, and everyone out there watch this show – it is motivating!

Why Are Americans Fat?

Today I ate food that was disgusting. I failed to eat breakfast, had a burger and fries for lunch – followed by a large cookie, and followed everything up with a nice dinner of pizza and cupcakes. What does that equate to? A day that left me feeling sick, and most likely I will wake up in the morning with more zits on my face than blades of grass in my front yard. This led me to think – why do we as Americans prefer this type of food? I am convinced it has more to do with our state of mind rather than out of true want.

If we asked ourselves before we ate something – is this something that is healthy, something that will bring me more success and happiness – we would find ourselves a happier group. I am amazed to see overweight and even obese parents feeding their kids processed foods, and seeing their kids follow in their footsteps. My next door neighbor is a pilot for UPS, and makes good money. He and his wife take their kids out for takeout at least once a day.

As they have done this, their kids have become larger, and learned bad habits early on. I wish someone would have pulled me aside when I was young and shown me studies. Anyone not believe me on this matter, go ahead and watch Supersize Me and then get back to me. The real health care debate should surround our eating habits as opposed to the minute details of proposed legislation. Prevention is the best medicine!

Losing Weight

There are essentially two ways to get things in life, you can either force people to give you things, or steal them, or you can convince them to peacefully hand them to you. The first way is not so effective. You might get away with it for a while, but people will not like you, and will probably seek to harm you or get even eventually. The second way is difficult but more sustainable. If you convince someone that you should have something then they are convinced, and there are no repercussions.

The body is like this as well. There are two ways you can go about getting your body to do what you wants if it is not doing what you want it to do. You can take a drug which will force your body to do something, and it will be efficient and effective, but it will react to being forced, thus side effects. Over time your body will simply give up and become dependent on being forced–it will lose capacity and therefore vitality, and all the connected functions will be effected. Or, you can gently seek to persuade your body with good foods and perhaps an herb or two if you want to make a stronger case. This is hard, and it takes long, but it empowers your body instead of robbing of capacity. Sometimes you may need force, but persuasion better not be far behind for long term health.

Cause Of Obesity

The average American eats less that two servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and that includes canned fruits and vegetables which have very low nutrition. That also includes french fries.
That is an amazing statistic, and it makes you think about what people out there are thinking. It is common knowledge, I think, that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy. Your mother told you so. Health science, usually fairly useless for true health, told you so. You know it. People know it. So what is the problem?

I don’t know, but sometimes I think that people are just determined to be miserable. It makes their lives easier when they have an excuse–poor health. Cynical? Yeah, kind of. I think that many people have bought into the whole idea that they can just roll along and do OK just taking a multivitamin. Or maybe they thing that modern medicine will cure their heart disease and cancer by magic so they won’t have to worry about it.

Probably, though, they simply have been raised in a culture that does not value health–or is not far sighted enough to understand causes and effects that work over more than a year, or maybe a month. Cynical? Pretty much.

Weight Loss Plateaus

We all have those times when progress just seems to stop, no matter how hard we work, or how strict or nutritious our diet is. Plateaus are just a natural part of life, and they happen to everybody. People always talk about these times in their lives, workouts, or diets, with sort of a disdain–wanting to do anything to “get off” the plateau. In reality lives, workouts, and diets work in cycles, and that is the way nature has set it up. It starts with our bodies, which have regular cycles that you just can’t ignore, like the circadian rhythm (you just have to sleep).

So the proper perspective, in my opinion, when you come to a frustrating plateau, is to simply have faith in the natural process of things and keep up the good work, because the cycle always, and I mean always, comes around, even if we think it is taking forever and the things we are working so hard on seem useless for a while. Nature runs these cycles for a reason, so don’t worry about it.

Raw Food Diet

I love the idea of a raw food diet. I hate the idea of a raw food diet. I mean, I get the concept; food that hasn’t been cooked is enzymatically alive, and these live enzymes make it so we don’t have to use so much energy to digest the food. Also, all the vitamins, minerals, etc are more prevalent and easy for the body to use (assuming a normal digestive ability).

Actually eating a raw food diet, however, is all kinds of problematic. Food should, really, taste good, and, I am afraid, food tastes better when it has been cooked. I can’t understand how if by nature we run better on raw food, nature created us to desire the stuff cooked. Think “raw potato” versus “baked potato”, and you understand what I mean. Only the very committed raw foodist is hankering for a mouthful of raw potato, and even then I think they are just saying that because they want to believe its true.

My own compromise on this is to include a raw food portion to each meal. Usually it is a salad of some kind, but I have experimented with some raw food main dishes. Some of them are even tolerable. Somewhat.

How Safe is PhenQ Fat Burning Pills

PhenQ is created to be potent and it is considered one of the particular type of body fat burning pills that may not be advisable for those who are beginning their weight loss journey. The brand was created for people who consider themselves physically active in mind, especially bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast.

Nutrex did design and develop a product that works incredibly safe but it needs to be taken in the guidelines in which are instructed on the label. The recommended dosage is exactly one capsule per day, which is enough to produce great fat burning results, anymore however can cause an unwanted overstimulation that should always be kept aware of.

Nutrex Has a Winner on Their Hands

PhenQ is a winning, stimulating and powerful creation on their hands that is an essential for those who are looking to burn the fat off effectively and quickly. The formula is making a name for itself in a hurry and that is for good reason because great reputations should be assigned to the products that actually have earned it and this is one of the body fat burning pills that actually does, with flying colors.

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