TestoGen Testosterone Booster Review


TestoGen belongs to the testosterone boosters which represent the new generation of male hormone-enhancing supplements of natural origin. This forward-looking all-natural remedy features a high potential to combat the issue of age-related testosterone concentration reduction in the man’s body.

The aging men benefit from the use of this over-the-counter supplement because this product optimizes testosterone levels which inevitably drop with age. The product formula is not fraught with any negative consequences to health.
The supplement formulation is harmless and very promising. The manufacturer did its best to back this formulation with all necessary scientific proofs. The growing number of loyal customers is the other acknowledgement of great testosterone-boosting properties of TestoGen.


The men take TestoGen in order to help their bodies produce natural testosterone on their own. When hormone levels raise as a result of supplementation, the men can count on the following advantages:

  • Development of bigger muscles
  • Lean muscle mass growth
  • Preservation of muscle mass
  • Substantial enhancement of muscle tone
  • Upsurge in muscle strength
  • Revival of endurance and stamina
  • Strong boost to sports performance
  • Sharpening of concentration and mental focus
  • Normalization of energy balance in the body
  • Fatigue and anxiety relief
  • Reduction of fat deposits
  • Restoration of competitive edge
  • Possibility to reset sex drive and virility
  • Uplift of bedroom self-confidence

The men have an opportunity to enjoy all these advantages with almost zero likelihood of side effects and without the need to use unsafe synthetic testosterone.


A high rate of customer appreciation is not difficult to understand because TestoGen is comprised of truly trustworthy ingredients. These ingredients are natural. And each of them has an unbiased expert support.
You will find the following component in this supplement:
Fenugreek Extract: This herb enhances testosterone synthesis in men. According to the Australian study carried out in 2011, the herbal extract has a considerable impact on libido and repairs testosterone production without any unsafe complications. Moreover, testosterone concentration growth promotes a much more active muscle mass development. This ingredient also increases muscle strength, maximizes stamina and endurance, and accelerates insulin release. It also relieves the destructive effect of free radicals on the human body.
Vitamin D: A wide range of clinical trials have shown that testosterone concentration in the blood directly interconnected to the amount of vitamin D in the body. One German study provided evidence that vitamin D supplementation can regulate testosterone levels in men suffering from overweight. The clinical trial lasted for a year. The male study subjects from the control group took vitamin D, while the men from placebo group used placebo. According to the study findings, the men from the control group lost averagely 6 kg of their weight and reported about a significant upsurge of testosterone amount in the body. The other Korean clinical trial involved 652 men who have already reached 40 years old. This study has demonstrated that the vitamin D deprivation makes the men 2.65 times more subject to low testosterone. The men with healthy vitamin D concentration in the body didn’t face such a problem.
D-Aspartic Acid: It is an amino acid that aids the body in activation of testosterone production. The Italian scientists proved this during the study in 2009. This amino acid emerges in pituitary gland and testes in a natural way. And after this, d-aspartic acid works in the body by exercising control over the luteinizing hormone production. The latter one has a crucial impact on testosterone production in men. One more study provided proof that the intake of d-aspartic acid makes testosterone raise by 45%. This happens after several weeks of the amino acid use.
Red Ginseng Extract: The root of red ginseng gained glory as a powerful herbal aphrodisiac since it promptly optimizes the men’s virility and sex drive. It has a strong influence on the erection quality and doesn’t allow dioxins negatively affect testes. Mental and physical health also benefit from the supplementation with red ginseng. There is scientific evidence provided by the American experts telling that this herbal extract repairs athletic performance, gives a boost to strength, enhances oxygenation, maintains heart health, supports homeostasis, and resets work capacity.
Nettle Leaf Extract: The scientists found out that this ingredient can bind to SHGB, while testosterone doesn’t do this. When testosterone is not attached to SHGB, it becomes free. The elevation of free testosterone levels means that testosterone can start working in your body without any obstacles. As a result, muscle gains occur much quicker and sexual desire actively upraises.
Bioperine: This is a patented natural compound that has an advanced effect on the work of the other ingredients. The scientists invented this ingredient in order to make the rest of the components from the supplement formula much more bioavailable.
Vitamin K1: It is a component that helps the body better absorb vitamin D which plays an important role in testosterone secretion. That’s why vitamin K1 has an indirect impact on hormone production.
Zinc: This is a micronutrient that intensifies testosterone secretion and elevates sexual interest and desire in men. You should keep zinc levels high if you take care of muscle gains and sports performance.
Vitamin B6: If you want all your bodily functions to be flawless, you need to take vitamin B6. This vitamin suppresses estrogen production in men. As a result, testosterone levels upsurge naturally. Also, this ingredient increases energy release in the body and copes with tiredness.
Magnesium: Proper testosterone secretion can happen only if your body gets enough magnesium. The supplementation with this nutrient contributes to 26% growth in testosterone synthesis.
Boron: According to the studies, the intake of this trace mineral promotes 28% increase in free testosterone levels, while estrogen substantially lowers.

The Bottom Line

TestoGen is a non-artificial supplement that elevates testosterone levels in men in the natural way. This hormone-enhancing remedy has a good reputation among the customers because there are only scientifically-backed compounds in the supplement formula.
The ingredients present in the product formulation spread their action to the body areas responsible for natural testosterone synthesis. These components can’t negatively affect male endocrine system. On the contrary, the product formula strengthens endocrine function and restores testosterone status in men.
The customer feedback indicates that you should give a try to TestoGen. This supplement will serve as a natural replacement option for testosterone injections.
The manufacturer offers a profitable refund policy. You can take advantage of this policy within the period of 60 days since the date of supplement purchase.

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